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About Us

MDF Construction Ltd. is a manufacturer of stabilized Interlocking Bricks (IB) and pavers in Stann Creek, Belize.

We can produce up to 15,000 bricks or pavers a day over two 8-hour shifts.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art German technology consisting of a series of conveyor belts. It requires limited manpower to move our brick making process through the stages of loading, crushing, screening, mixing, pressing, and curing.

We are a licensed and fully equipped custom construction company with labor crews and the ability to install IB bricks and pavers for residential and commercial projects - from the building of structures to hardscaping, paving, custom pools, brick BBQs, and fences.

We also provide equipment and equipment operator rental services. Call 615-8450 for rates!

Basic Properties

How It's Made

Our Equipment

Interlocking Brick (IB) Specifications

Greener Construction

60% of the CO2 produced in the world today is emitted in the manufacture and use of cement and clay brick burning.

No firing/burning of Interlocking Brick is required. By using IB as the construction system, you’re not just reducing cement/concrete but also timbers for the formwork.

Cooler Interior

Clay bricks are proven to keep interiors 15 – 20 degrees cooler than concrete based products. IB contains more clay (soil) volume compressed – making the bricks denser – which creates a better thermal mass.

Concrete and cement cause chemical hydration reaction which produces heat. IB uses much less cement in its construction method resulting in a cooler internal experience.

Speedy Construction

Faster project completion – by eliminating plywood formworks for columns and beams, plastering, and weatherproofing – for a faster return on investment (ROI).

Low Cost Construction

Eliminate labor and materials - formworks for reinforced concrete column and beams, plastering and painting costs, steel and cement -  for major cost savings.

Benefits of Interlocking Bricks

5X stronger than cinder block

21 MPa or 3,045 psi vs. 4 MPA or 580 psi for cinder block

9X faster to build

Interlocking tongue & groove features

Easier to build

No skilled stone mason required; non-skilled labor

Attractive brick finish on both sides

Or can be parged/rendered like traditional cinder blocks, SIP panels, and ICF panels

It's called stabilized clay Interlocking Brick (IB).

What if there was a building material that met the following criteria?

The future of home construction

As old as the pyramids, clay bricks made from Belizean soil

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