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Equipment Rentals

Call 615-8450 for rates!

Equipment operators are available for all equipment use.

Mortar Sprayer

Diesel; for wall plastering

Crane Lift

Portable, diesel, 360 pivot - for hauling from every floor level


For skid steer loading & grading

Concrete Vibrator

For cement settling

Portable Lift

On wheels, for up to 40 feet


For commercial and residential construction

Motorized & Regular Wheelbarrows

To speed up hauling

Excavator Services

Digging holes, septics, pools and trenching

Concrete Float

For rendering concrete floors

Concrete Spreader

8-foot long screeter blade

Rebar Bender

Don't waste time - fast, economical rebar bending service!


12" and 24" diameter holes down to 6 feet

Concrete Mixer

Diesel powered

Flatbed Trailer

Furniture, appliances, car hauling

Dump Trailer

Trash hauling, dumping

Trash Water Pumps

4-inch diameter high velocity

Power Washer

Gas powered

Contact us for more information.

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